Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Been a while. Feeling a bit annoyed lately, (hence the lacking of posting) with my film exchange through , it has now been over for about a month and my "partner " Sarah from has not yet put up my images nor have I received my negatives or pics back. I had a real positive outlook on this venture but it has not been a pleasant experience.
Anyhow, holidays were great, really enjoyed the free time, although it made me miss being on vacation mode again. Saw Bruce from when he was here visiting family over the holidays.
Lately I had considered purchasing a digital camera, and my number one pick had been the Olympus C-50, 5MP, really really small, good features. But upon comparing the files from this camera and other digital cameras I decided that with alot of resources invested in film cameras I didn't need a digital camera. I believe the quality is not quite there yet, it is if you can afford a nice Phase One H20 back, but for 40 grand its a little out of reach. I can still use my film cameras alot longer, its not like the resolution of film is going to be obsolete next year when the new model of digital camera comes out.
Getting a 135MB optical scan from a 35mm frame is still miles ahead of what any dinky digital camera is going to give me. Digital is fine if all you do is take pics for a website, or for making small prints, or even to just email grandma the new picture of the dog you got, but for other professional applications, unless you drop $40,000, its not worth it for me yet.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

1 day left of work! Can't wait for my 1.5 weeks off, so I can finally feel like a student again with free time to just lounge and do what I want. Xmas shopping is almost done! Tomorrow calls for some time of celebrating at Lee's Palace by watching White Cowbell Oklahoma and Tijuana Bibles, I've been in need of a good raunch rawk gig for a while.
Had my work's Xmas party yesterday at a fancy place called Rain (19 Mercer St.), and had SUSHI for the first time in my life. Wasn't bad but don't have any pressing desire to engage in it again really soon. The concept for this restaurant was a new one to me. We were told that this place didn't have a menu and that your food would be picked by the chef. I had visions of the soup nazi dictating what we were to eat but it turned out much better than expected. Everything I had was delicious, from the sushi to the raw meat dish to cooked fish, and dessert. The evening was also complemented by seeing childhood friend Bruno as the bartender at trendy Rain restaurant that had $12 drinks. Worth every penny by the way! A very enjoyable experience, but I still have to pratice my chopsticks.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Late... I honestly have to say that I don't mind being late. Well, at least where it doesn't affect me by missing something important. My memories of being in grade 2 are of arriving late to class, I was also late alot in high-school. Same in college and now work. Why break the cycle?

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Fake. Beautiful people gather to bring more attention to themselves. Whenever I attend this function I always feel like an outsider, the same feeling I've always had since I was a kid. First it was grade school, then it was moving to this cold country when I didn't speak the language well at all, the new culture was a shock. I guess thats why I became a photographer, always watching new people and new places with their weird customs. But everytime I gather for this I get the same feeling as I had in my younger years. I don't belong with these people. Their fake greetings, higher than thou attitudes and perfect hair and clothes are too "perfect" for me. Working in an industry where everything must be perfect at whatever cost attracts the "cool" kids. Not for me though, I'm always the nerdy foreign kid looking in.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Well well, another month almost gone. My week off has been good and for the most part relaxing. Started off with watching Bowling For Columbine, which is great by the way, hanging out with friends at dirt bar Austins "on single mothers night". Gallery hopping on a rainy day with my friend Zhan, checking out Rilo Kiley with Vince and Suzanne. CD shopping to replace old tapes. Dinner with the "Black Reebok Dinner Club" crew. Watched a movie from the Kevin Smith gang called Drawing Flies.Just general good old fashioned slackin. Reminded me of being in college again, when you could skip when you felt like it. I miss those days. Sometimes you just don't want to be at work.
On another note I got some email from my cousin Tiago back in Portugal, with pics of my grandparents. He must have borrowed or bought a digital camera and hopefully I will continue to receive more pics of them. It was really surprising to see how much older they look. I will always have a mental image of what they look like when I last saw them and to see time take effect is a bit shocking/saddening. I must go back soon.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Its definetly starting to feel like fall again, the temperature went down to 4C today. Time to break out the jackets. I miss the summer, I'm not a cold weather person even though I quite enjoy nice crisp air once in a while. But with fall comes pumpkin pie so that makes it a bit more bearable. I went to see Danny Michel play on Saturday at the Rivoli, and had a good time. He always puts on a good show and it entertaining to watch. Friday I made it out to The Phoenix with some friends from the U2 GTA group and had a great time. The music was supposed to be "80's retro" but it ended up being more early 90's retro than 80's. Nonetheless it was fun and ended up getting home quite late after getting some tasty greek food. Fun all around!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Another week almost halfway gone, closer and closer to freedom (ie. the weekend). Last friday was fun and enjoyed being out with friends with the wee hours. Saw Coldplay on Saturday, but I was too tired and didn't enjoy the show as much as I should. They put on a great show even though the songs are a bit too mellow for my taste, my real reason for being there was to see Ash but, poor guys, were playing to an empty house.